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Estate Planning

Gift Annuity

Gift Annuities are a popular option which allow donors to receive an income stream while earmarking funds to be given away in cash or assets to the scholarship organization. By donating a lump sum to the charity, the funds would be used to purchase an annuity paying out a fixed percentage to the donor each year for their lifetime. 

Gifting Assets

Donating a stock portfolio or real estate that has large appreciation allows donors to receive a tax deduction for fair market value of the donation. Our organization in return does not have to pay capital gain tax. Alternatively, another option is to have assets or funds controlled by a corporate trustee or family member within a trust. Direction can be given on how/when our organization receives certain funds or assets. 

Family Foundations

We would happy to work with you on directing assets or funds from a family trust to our organization, which can be initiated during life and continue charitable efforts after death.

For specific information or to discuss alternative options, please contact us for further discussion.

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