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Necessary Application Preparation Steps:


Do you have the desire to submit a scholarship application? Read below to make sure you are prepared.


(1) Make sure you understand the costs not covered by the organization. Some examples are below:

- Aircraft Liability Insurance can cost $150-$300 per year

- Educational Materials (books, headset, E6B, etc) can cost between $150-$300, well beyond the stipend we give you.

Additionally, the amount of flight and instruction hours varies greatly between students. Some students will need more hours than what our organization will fund.

(2) Make sure you have the time! Learning to fly is serious business. It requires hard work on your part and a strong ability to study independently when not with your instructor.

(3) Make sure you meet the qualifications mentioned above. If you are unable to qualify for at least an FAA 3rd Class Medical, you will not be permitted to become a licensed private pilot. 

(4) As part of your application, you must determine the FAA Part 141 or Part 61 flight training facility you intend to utilize. In addition, you must identify the aircraft you intend on using for your training, and its current "wet" (includes fuel) hourly rate. Finally, you must identify the certified flight instructor you intend on using for your training, and their current hourly rate. Both of these costs must be the current hourly rates -- NOT estimated costs. This information is collected during the application process and is required. Failure to provide this information accurately will result in a rejected application. Any changes to the aircraft facility or instructor will be at the sole discretion of the Organization.

Why do we require you to identify the facility and instructor you will be training with and their associated costs

during the application process?

We take all aspects of your application into consideration -- including the costs you are requesting to be covered. We also need to ensure the school, aircraft and instructor pilot are FAA compliant and in good standing. Although our primary evaluation is the applicants qualifications, the organization will take overall costs into account when making a final decision. Please do your homework in regards to aircraft type and appropriate hourly costs.

FINALLY -- Be sure to read over the entire application prior to starting. There are items required such as an essay, transcripts, references and forms to be signed and uploaded, that may take time to complete. Remember -- you can always save your application and finish/submit it later using the "Save & Complete Button" at the bottom of the form.

Image by Aleksandr Kadykov

Have you read all application requirements and preparation steps?

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